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Qurani Qaida

Online Quran Academy have designed this course for beginners of Quran, who are willing to learn Quran with Tajweed and get basic knowledge of Quran. In these Quran lessons, we try to cover all those basic things which any one needs in daily life about basic Islam. It starts from Quran Alphabets and after completing various chapters of Norani Qaida, it ends on completing Quran.

  • 1.Learn Qurani Qaida
  • 2.Masnoon Dua
  • 3.Six Kalimas
  • 4.40 Ahadees
  • 5.Namaz
  • 6.99 Names of Allah
No of Lesson:
Course Sessions:
18 Lesson
3 Years & above
28 Sessions
Expert Quranic Tutor
Female Quranic Tutor
One to one session
Equal attention to all students
24/7 Availability
Easy understanding process