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Serah of Muhammad (SAW)

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Seerah for Kids

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad is a Key to Everything

Being a Muslims we are supposed to study the life of Holy prophet Muhammad (SAW). His life guide us in every area of life, as flowers of Muhammad (SAW) we must have complete knowledge of our Holy prophet. If we want to be sucessful in our life we must follow his life. We're losing Muslims because we have lost connection with the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We struggle to connect to our Prophet (SAW).

How can you love a man you don't know?

How can you revere a man you've never heard of?

The seerah is making us understand why we do? what we do?

To know Islam is to know the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). By knowing the root of something, we can appreciate, respect, honor, and emulate it. Knowing the history of Islam is an integral part of our religion and cannot be underestimated.

By learning seerah once know how to play role in different cherecters of life,

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